CCTV Configuration

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CCTV Configuration

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It differs from broadcast TV in that its elements are directly linked (i.e. closed circuit) by cables or different wireless Technologies. CCTV systems are used mainly in large public areas like: banks, malls, train stations, sport stadiums and in almost every large store. This type of surveillance system is extremely efficient in monitoring large crowds in real-time.

Pcube Technologies will provide you following facilities regarding CCTV Configuration

  • Wired CCTV DVR Security Camera System
  • Wireless CCTV DVR Security Camera System
  • Mini-wireless CCTV DVR Security Camera Systems

Remote monitoring benefits

  • Enhanced security - all day, every day
  • Free from physical assault
  • Impervious to collusion / threat
  • Capitalises on your CCTV investment and stretches your business asset
  • Supports business efficiency and improvement

Network Consultant Service

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